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Sunday, September 14, 2014

husband's 28th birthday

salam semua... hari ni pergi kerja kepala kenoneng sikit. mata kecik. bukan nak sakit mata. sebab banyak nangis sebelum tidur semalam. (euwww, macam baca anak2 murid tulis dalam FB status; thanks awak buat kite nangis... euwwwww!!)

okay, first of all, nak ucap...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUSBAND. I love you to the moon and back. I love you yesterday, today and tomorrow.

not so brilliant I am. just a card. 2 years ago. did a surprise by coming to Melaka. I love you.

a little present for a great husband I can ask for...

happy birthday sayang. nothing more I can say than I love you. nothing more I can ask, that I only need you. your time. your presence. your touch. your love. your concern. your eyes.

p/s (i) : i need to sleep

p/s (ii) : time is all i ask. for now.

p/s (iii) : if you don't appreciate, don't tell me that i did a little. it's hurt. giving your life, energy, time. but people only can see a little. i reserve my comment. please reserve yours too.

p/s (iv) : i need to calm down.

p/s (v) : i need to sleep.

14092014 ~10.09am
meja aku ~ bilik guru-subjek umum ILPPG


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