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Sunday, May 9, 2010

my superb ex-supervisor!!

huhu... seperti anda baca, entri kali ni pasal ex-supervisor aku. supervisor untuk PSM. for 2 semesters, dia guide aku in every detail dari chapter 1 until lah chapter 5. i consider myself very lucky to get her as my supervisor. mula2 tu macam rasa tak best sebab kitorang quite close and aku banyak share gossips dengan dia. tiba2 nak jadi serius pasal study, awkward sikit lah. hehe... but in the end, i'm really grateful. even grade tak seperti aku harapkan tapi aku happy sepanjang proses menyiapkan PSM. i think, that is the most important part.

Associate Professor Dr. Faizah bt Mohamad Nor

i take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards you for always guiding me in every single detail and also for the patience you showed for the past 2 semesters. i'm really sorry for not being the supervisee that you can be proud of but i promise you that i have tried my best to achieve that. thank you Dr... for everything.

inilah dia gambar aku + supervisor aku. gambar kami di TESL nite 2009.

ni after aerobic session. bergambar dengan instructor favourite semua. encik redza benjamin!

ni supervisor aku dengan minah 2 orang tu. sebok aje. patutnya aku yang bergambar dengan Dr. Faizah, but diorang pulak ngendeng2. sebok aje! hoho~

ni Dr. Faizah one family datang rumah aku time open house. sangat sporting. plus, dia tak sesat masa datang rumah aku. hebat2! ops, belakang tu kak anne dengan aqiel.

p/s (i) : Dr. Faizah suka makan cashew. he...

p/s (ii) : nak pergi gossiping dengan Dr. Faizah lagi. L.A. dah start operation belum? jadi tea lady pun jadilah. hehe... atau PA kepada Dr. Norazman. hehe...

p/s (iii) : mode : moving to new house

09052010 ~ 11.01pm
rumah aku ~ bilik aku


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