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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

wordless or less word?

a brother. a baby. a friend. a buddy. an angel. a satan.

Raya 2010. 10Sept2010.

My engagement day. 18Dec2010.

Kampung Kastam Family Day. 15Jan2011.

Visiting him at KMS. 29.May2011.

Shopping with Mak. 30July2011.

Raya 2011. 30Aug2011.

enough camwhore for few months. i'm looking forward for our next captured moments. i'm sorry i didn't spend enough time with you lately. and you'll be back as a man. not a boy anymore. but still, in my eyes, you are still my little brother. take care. be healthy there. be happy. be back in one piece. looking forward for our next moreh.

p/s (i) : heard his voice. seems not happy. why bebeh?

p/s (ii) : semalam jumpa mak ayah and alleya. nasib ada budak kecik tu. rasa meriah sedikit.

p/s (iii) : okay, hopefully internet can joint the distance together.

15022012 ~ 10.45pm

atas katil ~ bilik aku-kediaman warden KVK


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