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Friday, January 13, 2012

Christina Aguilera - Hurt

pagi2 terpasang lagu ni... dan don't know why and how atau aku yang paranoid... lagu ni berputar 2 kali. hmmm... hope things settled very2 fast. i'm not sure what i'm feeling right now but sakitnya sampai aku takde rasa apa2 dah... towards everything. i can cry of course. once i'm expressing my feeling about YOU, i can straight away cry. of what you have done to me eventhough i'm trying hard to be the very best. but nothing is enough for YOU when regarding to me. so, i'm letting go. i can't do this anymore. i'm too tired of pleasing YOU. seriously... you don't know what you have done to me. maybe you won't know. but everything is too late. i'm totally crushed. so bare with all i want to do. i'm putting myself infront now. the consequences, i can think after things happened.

dan entri sebelum ni... kalau berkaitan dengan perkara ni, aku pasti akan menangis. but hari ni... i don't feel anything. what's on my mind? WHAT I WANT TO DO NEXT. not thinking of 'WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE OTHERS HAPPY AND PROUD'. not anymore. really fed up. so... bare with me. if you can't, i don't give a damn. period.

p/s (i) : sedang menanda tiba2 terpasang lagu ni... tu pasal update ni. kelas 11.05am. lambat lagi... huhu...

p/s (ii) : i don't feel anything. i'm happy here. for now.

p/s (iii) : too much to handle. kenapa selesema pulak ni... bersin2. wohooo!!

p/s (iv) : Friday the 13th.

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